Schmafu: Schnapsen

John5, 28. August 2012, um 02:16

I'm English and my Mother taught me this game, she learnt it from her Austrian Mother, My Grandma Grannebetta, Schnapsen, and I'm having problems playing it with it not being shown in English. I assume it's in Austrian, could anyone shed light on how to play in English as opposed to the native Austrian.

Christian, 28. August 2012, um 10:19

Hey John, it’s nice to see people playing Schnapsen all around the world.

Most of website is in German, sometimes there appear a few words only used in Austria.

Very important:

“zuadrahn” means closing the stock

“Atout tauschen” means exchanging the trump

There is a website, describing the rules in English:

Hope that helps you a bit,



Waidhofenwolf, 01. September 2012, um 15:48

Hey John! We would be happy to see you here!

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